In ‘Basic Photography Courses’, the informations about the fundamentals, materials and different approaches about photography are shared in
purpose of providing their effective usage towards the original subjects and goals through workshops and exterior-interior practices.

What is aimed with this course is to make the participators get acquainted with structural elements of photography in order to create effective
compositions. From the subjects of light, frame, composition, and technology to the relationship between the concepts of object-idea,
tangible-abstract are touched upon.


‘Basic Photography Courses’ Constitutes of:

1-Fundamentals of Photography

Camera Types, Instantaneity, Diaphragm

2- Optics

Objectives, Definition, Depth of Field- Evaluation

3- Light & Color Studies

Photometry, Expose


Frame, Center of Attraction, Clarity, Closeness – Evaluation

5- Shooting Technics

Portrait, Nature, Landscape, Night Photos

6-Filters and Subsidiary Tools

Filter, Lens Hood, Tripod, Monopod, Case – Evaluation

7- Basic Image Processing Technics

Transferring Image to Computer, Working Principles, Rectifying the Image

8- Practice

A photography excursion in immediate surroundings and practices of managing the tools – Verbal Evaluation

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